Federfin Tech has studied and produced the STARCAP® line

Aluminium capsules for spirits with high-quality customisation

Over the years there has been an increasing spread of spirits, thanks to the changing behaviour of a society in constant evolution and change, which has seen the absolute protagonists of events now institutionalised in everyday life. The spirits sector has therefore motivated a strategy oriented towards the continuous evolution of its products, involving the screw closures sector.

The intense sensory communication, characteristic of this sector oriented to stimulate consumer perception, has led the most prestigious companies to request more and more targeted customisations of the image of aluminium capsules.



Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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Aluminium screw capsules for spirits

Complete graphic customisation

Production and customisation of aluminium capsules for spirits with hotfoil graphics and anti-filling pourers.

Aluminium screw capsules for spirits

Thanks to the research of an increasingly innovative and highly publicised product, new graphic techniques called hot foil have been developed, particularly attractive or various types of reliefs able to give an even more accurate and innovative image to the product.

The international experience of the company has allowed the development of new anti-filling pourers, called NRF, with different levels of protection and special seals developed with leading companies in the spirits industry that allows controlled dosing of the flow.

The range of seals and pourers includes:

  • Standard EPE gaskets
  • Low Standard Pourer
  • Anti-filling pourers with or without ball with special anti-drip and flow reduction profile equipped with non-refillable anti-counterfeit system
  • Special high body pourers with or without the ball with flow metre

Innovative, state-of-the-art materials in continuous evolution

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We manufacture caps in aluminium following the requirements of our customers.

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