New polyethene seals for sparkling wines.

The pleasant presence of bubbles is guaranteed.

The success of sparkling wines and the rise of the 30×60 aluminium capsule for wines led the company to develop a series of new seals designed explicitly for sparkling wines.
Thanks to the realisation of a new type of polyethene gasket able to guarantee the correct pressurisation of sparkling wines, the multiplicity of uses of the aluminium screw capsule for wine has been further increased, increasing safety and guaranteeing ever better effectiveness.
Combining the already known practicality of the screw closure with its ease of closure and opening of the cork, today we obtain a degree of absolute airtightness that allows maintaining the taste of the wine avoiding the aftertaste of the cork altogether.



Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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UNDER T30 for sparkling wines

Designed explicitly for prosecco and sparkling wines:

  • Made of polyethene
  • Easily adaptable to all types of equipment
  • Absolute airtightness
  • It emphasises the pleasant presence of bubbles.


  • Specially designed for all types of wine closures
  • Particularly suitable for sparkling wines up to 8 Bars
  • Made with particularly soft innovative material able to compensate for imperfections in the glass bottle (micro-cracks).
  • Suitable and particularly useful for hot bottling (up to max 50°)
  • Pasteurisation up to 50°


  • Suitable for still and sparkling wines
  • Even softer and more flexible material
  • Profile perfectly adaptable to the mouth of the bottle
  • Suitable for wines up to 8 bar internal pressure
  • Provides an extra fizzy effect when opening the cap
  • Pleasant sound when opening the cap

The well-known practicality of the screw closure together with the smooth opening and closing of the cork guarantee a degree of airtightness that allows maintaining the taste of the wine avoiding the aftertaste of the cork altogether.

The gasket made of polyethene and placed under the top of the cork ensures sparkling wines always preserving the bubbles.

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