Federfin Tech supplies capping heads for the perfect application of aluminium caps with screw closure.

Thanks to the technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the sector acquired in over 30 years of experience, Federfin Tech supplies capping heads to complete the range of internally produced aluminium caps and aluminium screw caps.


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Caps for wine

Quality and attention to detail and security
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Caps for sparkling wine

Safe, hermetically sealing, recyclable, fully customisable
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Caps for oil and vinegar

Innovative, safe, customisable and recyclable
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Caps for liqueurs

Research and quality for perfect preserving
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Safety caps

Customised inviolable hermetic closures for alcoholic beverages
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Capping heads

Designed and manufactured for perfect fitting
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Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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Supply of capping heads in bronze or stainless steel

Federfin Tech, based in Tromello, in the province of Pavia, offers capping heads designed explicitly for the hermetic sealing of aluminium screw caps.

What are the features of the capping heads?

  • Four threading and riveting roller bearing arms
  • Individual pressure adjustment of each roller
  • Compact and reduced dimensions
  • Material: bronze or stainless steel
  • Set for capsule closures from 18 mm. to 43 mm. in diameter
  • No cap/No roll capper head so as not to damage the thread when no cap on the bottle
  • Attachment to the capping machine built according to current standards
  • Special attachments on request

Technical assistance for full overhaul of all brands and models

With more than thirty years of experience of its technicians, Federfin Tech is also able to offer technical assistance for the full overhaul of all brands and models of capping heads. This involves disassembly, careful cleaning and complete reassembly of the capping head with the possible replacement of all the parts that allow the head to be returned as new.

We manufacture CAPS in aluminium following the requirements of our customers

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