capsule per vino

Production of aluminium caps and screw caps

We are a firm manufacturer of aluminium caps with a lean, innovative and technologically advanced company structure, in a sector that is continually evolving and growing.

We have reached a milestone of 1.4 billion aluminium caps sold worldwide. We pay particular attention to the total recycling of raw materials, scrupulous attention to polluting emissions with state-of-the-art purification systems.

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Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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Corporate mission

The production plant in Tromello makes use of very modern, highly efficient and extremely flexible machinery in the multiple format changes of the closures. The management of the company has thirty years of experience in the field of closures, orienting its business strategy to satisfy the countless customer requests, developing and innovating the product range directly with the most advanced marketing and packaging techniques.
The commercial structure is composed of offices located in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Holland, Norway, Russia, Mexico, United States, Vietnam, Chile and Argentina, reaching the milestone of 1.4 billion aluminium caps sold worldwide.

The collaborative and integrated spirit of human resources with modern technologies, supported by a strong team spirit, based on transparency, trust, ease of communication and sharing of objectives among the various stakeholders, allows us considerable flexibility and ability to adapt to the various demands of a particularly demanding market. Particular attention is paid to the total recycling of raw materials used during the production process and to the scrupulous attention to polluting emissions by using state-of-the-art purification systems.

State-of-the-art machinery

The machines installed in the production department are supported by the most advanced technology with electronic control panels and video cameras in particularly critical points to be kept under constant control.

The main equipment includes:

  • 18 deep-drawing and medium-drawing presses (partly state-of-the-art electronics)
  • 16 multi-spindle edgebanding machines
  • 16 continuously aspirated corkerators
  • 13 offset side prints for multi-colour printing
  • 24 offset printing ovens
  • 3 aluminium foil cutters for strip production
  • 4 hot stampings for side and head
  • 2 pad printing with the possibility of relief on the head
  • 3 assemblers for pourers and NRF
  • 16 machine vision systems
  • 6 screen printing machines
  • 1 spray printing line

Green recycling and sustainability

Federfin Tech is a modern and innovative company, attentive to the environment and healthy working spaces.
Precisely for this reason, ultra-modern purification systems, strict cleaning regulations and scrupulous attention to the pollution department are used.

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