Federfin Tech offers a wide range of safety capsules.

Design and production of high-quality safety capsules.

Federfin Tech works closely with its customers to produce anti-counterfeiting safety capsules. Safety caps are, in fact, a useful tool to protect the authenticity of spirits and spirits in order to discourage trade in non-original products.



Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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Custom security capsules

Attention to detail and quality

Federfin Tech, based in Tromello, in the province of Pavia, has a modern and avant-garde fleet of machines for the production of fully customisable aluminium safety capsules.

The features of the safety capsules produced by Federfin Tech

Federfin Tech offers two models of safety capsules:

  • FED 4001 diameter mm. 32 x 46
  • FED 5001 diameter mm. 32 x 58

The capsules have several security options such as:

  • Double ball
  • Double valve plus ball
  • Valve plus two balls
  • Double Lip

The characteristics of these devices are:

  • Hermetic inviolable closure
  • Very fast emptying time
  • Customisable decorations
  • Impossible to remove unless you break the device
  • Easy application using only one pressure on the head
  • Can be used on existing machines

Caps for wine

Quality and attention to detail and security
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Caps for sparkling wine

Safe, hermetically sealing, recyclable, fully customisable
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Caps for oil and vinegar

Innovative, safe, customisable and recyclable
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Caps for liqueurs

Research and quality for perfect preserving
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